Document Type : Original Article


1 Faculty of New Sciences and Technologies, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

2 Iranian Space Research Center Academic Staff


The design of space operations must be done carefully. Because the smallest mistake in the design and construction of the spacecraft causes heavy financial losses. Electronic boards are one of the most important components of electronic systems in any operation. These boards must continue to operate under the applied loading. Strong levels of random vibrations can cause damage and fracture in electronic boards. The random vibration field applied to the electronic board can be modeled by mixed-mode I/II loading. Solder joints are very sensitive components of satellites. Fracture of electronic packages often occurs due to cracking in the joint between the electronic board and the solder under mixed-mode I/II loading. In this research, a new fracture criterion based on the maximum tangential stress is presented to predict the fracture for the interfacial crack between the electronic board and the solder. Based on the presented criterion, the direction and moment of crack initiation are predicted for the interfacial crack between isotropic and orthotropic materials. In this way, the fracture limit curve can be drawn. By comparing the presented criterion with the available experimental data, it can be concluded that the presented criterion has sufficient validity to evaluate the prediction of fracture in interfacial cracks between isotropic and orthotropic materials.