Iranian Space Research center, in order to expand the frontiers of knowledge, publish the results of innovative and valuable research in the field of space and development and strengthen scientific relations between all actors in the field of space and also use the capacity of experts in developing space science and knowledge. It has weight in its agenda. The vision of the Journal of Space Science, Technology and Applications is to gain the status of scientific research journals and a reliable and documented database with significant and highly cited references.



Journal of space science, technology and applications covers the following topics and areas:

  • Design, analysis and construction of space systems
  • Design, analysis and construction of satellites and subsystems
  • Design, analysis and construction of launcher and subsystems
  • Design space missions
  • System engineering and space standards
  • Product guarantee and reliability
  • Space technology overflow
  • remote sensing and communication payload
  • Space communications and ground stations
  • Application and space-based services
  • Remote Sensing
  • Space science and exploration
  • Astronomy and space physics
  • Space life sciences
  • Economics, law and space diplomacy
  • Management, strategy and future research


Article types

• Research articles

 • Review articles