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1 کارشناس نرم افزار

2 Satellite Research Institute, Iran Space Research Center, Tehran, Iran

3 Satellite research institute, Iranian space research center,


PARS1 Satellite is a Remote Sensing satellite with a 3-years mission. Main mission is imaging from earth by three camera named MS, SWIR, TIR. PARS1 OnBoard Software (OBSW) is developed as a performance platform, satellite components control, data management, algorithm management included normal status control and event handling. Because of OBSW complexity and its different features, it has more priority than other subsystems in satellite. So PARS1 satellite OBSW design, development and test is a useful platform for gaining of worthwhile experiences in the field of satellite onboard software which is very wide and complicated in its field. So we decided in this paper to present here as lesson-learned and results experiences. These results is gained from development and test phase from developer and tester view. Use of these experiences will be very efficient in smoothing of test and development path in future projects and works in Satellite Research Institute.


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