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1 department of Electrical Engineering, Iran University of Science & Technology

2 School of Electrical Engineering, Iran University of Science & Technology

3 Assistant Professor, Iran Space Research Center

4 Department of Electrical Engineering, Iran University of Science & Technology, Tehran


In this paper, a satellite attitude control system (SACS) based on tube-based robust model predictive control (TMPC) methodology is designed which is robust to bounded disturbances. All Euler angles and their derivatives are ensured not to deviate more than a determined limit under those disturbances with known bounds. It is conducted based on the concept of the minimal robust positive invariant (mRPI) set. Actuators and Euler variables constraints could be considered in the SACS. The dynamics are guaranteed to be robustly stable. Given that the satellite dynamics consists of a great number of states, it is not possible to implement a TMPC scheme on the SACS in real-time. The number of satellite system states in this article is 6. Which has practically increased the volume of calculations. In order to solve this challenge, the proposed solution of tube estimation is presented to reduce the volume of satellite calculations. With this estimation, the process of increasing the volume of computations for tube-based robust predictive control design for satellite is stopped. For the desired system, simulation has been done in the presence of uncertain and limited disturbance. The results show satellite attitude control by reducing the amount of computation when designing a tube-based robust Model predictive control. 


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