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The monopropellant thrusters of the situation control system are a requirement for the development and application of satellites and space capsules in space, which are high-tech and expensive. In this paper, the design and simulation of a pressure- swirl injector with full-cone spray as a fuel injector of a monopropellant thruster are presented. For this injector, internal flow simulation was performed in order to predict its output flow characteristics including spray cone angle, output velocity distribution, mass flow rate, spray pattern, etc. For this purpose, VOF fluid volume method is used and the flow turbulence is simulated using the k-eps model. This type of injector is actually a combination of straight flow injector and swirl flow injector. Jet straight flow in the center of the injector and swirl flow along the injector wall are flowed. Both flow regimes are combined in the swirl chamber and the spray is formed as a full-cone. If the ratio of the outlets is selected correctly, the radial and environmental distribution of the liquid jet will be uniform. This injector is preferred to the capillary type (straight flow) and the swirl type. The pressure-swirl injector spray angle is larger than the capillary type, which improves the coverage of the catalyst bed, at the same time, spray angle is not as large as the swirl injector, which enlarges the radial dimensions of the decomposition chamber. Based on the results, it was ensured that the injector provides the desired mass flow rate (about 5.8 gr/s) at a certain design pressure difference (3 bar) and determines a suitable spray pattern. It also provides the desired spray angle (about 35).


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