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1 Space Transportation Systems Engineering Research Group,, Space Transportation Research Institute, Iranian Space Research Center

2 Iranian space Research Center


Many factors affect the quality of brazing process, including temperature, time, clearance, surface roughness and alloy elements. Actually, they influence on the formation of intermetallic compounds in brazed joints. Since intermetallic compounds are brittle, they considerably degrade the mechanical properties of joints. In this study, the mechanical strength and microstructural characterization of AISI 316 brazed joints with BNi2 filler metal in different temperature has been investigated. Brazing temperatures changed from 1050 °C, 1100 °C, 1150 °C and 1200 °C for a holding time of 60 min then, the influence of this variable on the brazing strength were examined. Tensile test samples were evaluated at room temperature and metallography samples and fractured tensile sample scanned by a microscope. The results showed that the higher brazing temperature leads to diffusion of boron element into base metal and less volume formation of intermetallic compound phase in the brazing joint and consequently more tensile strength


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