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1 Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran.

2 College of Engineering, University of Tehran


In all types of satellites, communication systems are utilized for data transmission between satellite and ground stations. pointing the communication antennas to the ground is necessary for the correct mission transmission information. The vibration of the satellite antenna leads to deforming antenna pattern, creating noise and reducing connection quality. Moreover, working the attitude control actuators near the antenna's natural frequency leads to its resonance and large amplitude vibration in the antenna and satellite structure. Thus it is necessary to identify the satellite antenna dynamic behavior as natural frequency and damping ratio. In this paper, the satellite antenna is intended as a smart beam, based on the free vibration of clamped-free beam shape of satellite antenna and sensing its vibration by the piezoelectric sensor, its dynamic characteristic as damping and frequency is identified and verified by comparing the results with experimental ones. The considered mathematical model is very accurate and this model can be used to determine the dynamic behavior of the antenna in different satellite secondary structures.


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