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Malek Ashtar University of Technology, Tehran Faculty of Aerospace


One of the most critical design points in satellites is to achieve the minimum mass (weight) by meeting all the requirements and constraints (strength, location and vibration). In this regard, the structure can play a very important role because the structural designer has more freedom of action in determining the design of the structure compared to other subsystems. In the present study, the process of designing the structure of a small satellite with the aim of achieving the lowest possible weight and maintaining the prevailing requirements such as vibration constraints hasbeen investigated. The process used to achieve the above goal is to change the geometric dimensions of the structure. Satellite modeling steps with all subsystems have been performed in SolidWorks software and modal, quasi-static and random vibrations analyzes have been performed in ansys software. Also, By using the ability to optimize the genetic algorithm in this software, the geometric parameters of the structure such as the thickness of the amplifiers have been obtained in such a way that the structure has reached the lowest possible weight and meet the prevailing conditions for vibration constraints, strength and random vibrations. The results show that by choosing the right thickness of amplifiers, the weight and frequency of the first satellite mode can be reduced significantly, and at the same time, the optimal final structure can satisfy all the constraints applied by the launcher and provide sufficient strength and rigidity


Main Subjects

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