Document Type : Original Article


1 MS graduated/Sharif university of technology

2 Aerospace department, Sharif university of technology

3 Iranian Space Research Center Academic Staff


one of the key issues in the operations of on orbit servicing to unmanned satellites is to provide a safe and reliable docking process. This paper investigates the dynamic behavior of a flexible probe in the central docking mechanism of unmanned satellites.
This study tries to optimize the docking process by investigation the effect of different connectors between ball and probe, instead of being rigid relative to each other. For simulating the impact phenomenon, a dynamic analysis software has been applied and a three-dimensional model has created based on the assumption of a flexible clamped beam as a shock absorber. additionally, it is possible to consider the parameters such as the type of connection between the beam and the concentrated mass, angular and translational velocity of chaser and target satellites, in order to determine the optimum condition to perform a successful docking operation. The results of this study indicate that the use of a spherical joint for the ball attached to the probe, significantly reduces the maximum value of impact force.