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1 Institute of Materials and Energy, Iranian Space Research Center, Isfahan, Iran

2 Iran Space Research Center-Researcher expert


Anodizing is a common method for increasing the adhesion of aluminum surfaces. However, if we heat the manufactured products before adhering due to the hydration of the anodized coating, cracking, and morphological changes, the adhesive capacity will be greatly reduced. As part of the research presented in this study, methods such as non-sealing of the anodize, primer application before heating the coating, sandblasting before and after the anodizing coating, and use of FPL (Forest Products Laboratory) replacement coating have been used to investigate the adhesive behavior of the coating. According to the results, not sealing the anodized coating and priming it before heating will increase the adhesiveness of the coating in all cases. Sandblasting after coating had no significant impact on adhesion. Sandblasting before anodizing improves adhesion by altering the texture of roughness and morphology. FPL can also be used to replace anodized coatings. They were less sensitive to heating and storage.